In just a few days, you are due to take an exam on literature, and the professor beforehand had told you that it would be an essay type. The mechanics involved having only forty minutes to write your piece; however, you will be given up to five revisions should the professor spot a relevant mistake to the paper. There is another option, and that was to bring a prepared essay, but you were given only one free revision for that.

Your dilemma was if you should bring a prepared essay or just write it on the spot. You wanted the former, unfortunately you had so many tasks that you doubted whether or not you would be able to finish on time which was why you opted to look online to buy an essay. After searching through multiple websites offering an essay to be bought online, you came across a website similar to which not only offers an essay writing service but has an instruction to make sure you buy an essay without plagiarism that offered tips on notes for revising and taking exams.

Now, how do you go about taking notes during an exam? The answer lies in the following:

  1. The first thing you have to note is that in taking notes for revision, make sure that you come up with specific changes for each part needed to be revised. Afterward, you have to make sure that the paper is not only free from error but well written regarding spelling, grammar, punctuation, and fluidity.
    1. It is important that your paper is fluid, especially for an exam which involves essay because even though you want to convey your main points only, inability to make the paper fluid will make some pointers such as transition and use of grammar lead to miscommunication between the reader and the author.
  2. Now for the exam in general, you do not wish to buy an essay online, then we suggest you look up possible topics depending on the course you took. This way, not only will you be able to do some research but you have many options you can choose from. The only problem you can encounter is if none of the topics you looked into are allowed to be used.
  3. During the exam, you were given the topic you had to write for. The first thing you have to do is to read the instructions carefully and in the scenario that your essay instructions was a scenario, make sure you understand detail per detail because things such as “extrapolate on this part” or “support your cause through…”, details like those tend to be specific. Some essay exams are in general though rare since professors would rather read something written coherently and sticking to the main point than some work with no specificity.
  4. After finishing you work, much like your instructions with number one, in the scenario that your first revision does not succeed as well as the second then we highly suggest that you re-write some parts of the paragraph or the entire paragraph as well. You should look at your professor and look for cues indicative that the pointed revisions are not the only revisions you need to do because there are cases when the professor does not specify all things needed to be revised.